Novak laboratory was established in 1992 in Minsk by Andrei Vardomatsky, Doctor of Sociology, Professor at the University of Warsaw, member of international organizations of sociologists WAPOR, ESOMAR, participant of congresses in Davos, The Hague, Istanbul, Berlin, Paris.

The name of the Laboratory comes from the merger of two words – “new” and “axiometry” – the science of measuring values, one of the founders of which is Professor A.P.Vardomatsky.

An article in the Sociology Encyclopedia (2003) reads:

AXIOMETRY is an emerging complex scientific discipline that sets its goals to identify: relevant and potentially “sets” of values and value systems presented in specific socio-cultural environments and situations (phenomenology); correlative significance of values among themselves and among different social subjects (measurement and statistics); existing mechanisms of “value causation,” that is, goal-setting and obligation (social psychology); really existing typologies of values and their carriers-subjects (sociology); the genesis and development of value ideas and the values themselves (historical sociology and cultural studies).

Novak laboratory carries out all types of full-cycle sociological and marketing research. Leave a brief to conduct research here.