Почему покупают?
Не покупают?

Why Do They Buy?
Why Don’t They Buy?

Опрос потребителей
Кто? Что? Где? Когда?

Consumer Survey
(Who? What? Where? When?)

Оценить качество обслуживания

Rate the Quality
of Service

Rate the Quality of Service

Ограничен бюджет на исследования?

Is Your Budget
on Research Limited?

Is Your Budget on Research Limited?

Выбрать концепцию рекламы

Choose Advertising Concept

Опросить специалистов / экспертов

Interviewing Specialists / Experts

Interviewing Specialists / Experts

Принять участие в исследованиях

Primary Analysis of the Market

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Novak Laboratory is the oldest privately-owned independent company in Belarus, specializing in marketing, media and public opinion research. For more than a quarter of a century, we have been helping our partners develop strategic plans and make tactical decisions based on reliable and operational data. Our vast experience and all the necessary equipment for all types of sociological and marketing research are at your service.

Our partners include major international companies and small organizations. You can entrust us with a project of any complexity.

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