In-depth Interview

An in-depth interview is a conversation with the respondent in the absence of a structured questionnaire. The method allows to find out the opinions, habits, beliefs, aptitudes and hidden associations of respondents.

In-depth interviews can solve more complex tasks than during focus groups, namely:

  • Discuss confidential, personal, intimate, or social issues that the respondent will not be willing to answer openly in a group interview
  • Learn motives of human behavior when making major purchases, such as a car or house
  • Interview a small and inaccessible group of people who are difficult / impossible to gather in one place at one time (for example, representatives of the business elite)
  • Interview professionals or specialists in any field
  • Hear the opinions of competitors (in the presence of other people, a similar respondent will be clamped and undisguised)

In-depth interviews are possible at any convenient for the respondent place: in our office, at the respondent’s residence, at the respondent’s workplace, in a cafe, etc.

We also practice conducting in-depth interviews with difficult-to-reach respondents (for reasons of employment, distance, etc.) using modern communication methods (Skype, Viber, etc.), which allow the interviewer and the respondent to see each other and keep automatic audio recording .