Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a marketing research method, which involves assessing the quality of service with the help of specialists acting as a real shopper. This  technique allows to review the work of staff from the shopper point of view and take timely measures to improve the quality of service. The advantage of this method is the secrecy and surprise of the test.

Mystery Shopper сan evaluate:

  • Dispatch service by phone
  • Appearance and manners of the staff
  • Sales skills
  • Staff behavior in a conflict situation
  • Sellers competences and product knowledge
  • Compliance with corporate service standards
  • Appearances of the outlet, outdoor advertising, convenience in finding
Mystery shopping is carried out through a visit, call, message in the messenger or email. Hidden voice recording of the conversation, as well as photographing the elements can be used. After visit, call, letter, etc. a Mystery Shopper usually fills in a questionnaire / checklist.