Groupes de discussion

Focus groups are designed to identify the feelings, ideas and thoughts of consumers about a specific product, service or solution. In other words, this method allows you to answer the question “Why?”.

With the help of focus groups, you can solve the following tasks:

  • Developing ideas for a new product or advertising
  • Choosing the best packaging options
  • Choosing the best advertising / brand concept
  • Determination of the motives for buying a product / service
  • Identification of value orientation and needs structure
  • Study of the characteristics of consumer behavior of the target group
  • And many others.

For focus groups we offer:

  • Special room with a large table, which comfortably accommodates up to 10 participants
  • Equipment for video and audio recordings, as well as accessories (flip chart, laptop, projector, screen, tablets)
  • Room for observers, equipped with a one-way mirror (Gesell’s mirror) and a TV set to monitor the progress of the group in real time and make adjustments to the script during the course of the group (if necessary)
  • Professional moderator-analyst with a degree (PhD), as well as the ability to attract additional moderators of both genders (depending on the subject of the study)
  • Staff of experienced recruiters in Minsk, regional centers and major cities of Belarus
  • Experienced transcribers to decrypt video and audio recordings
  • Base of respondents for selection of participants on various topics (when applicable)